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Innovative Environmental Solutions

Waste to Watts - Voc & Carbon Remediation

Soil Vapor Extraction & Pipeline Remediation

Storage Tank Cleaning & Degassing

Progreen Services & Storage Tank Cleaning

Progreen Technology - Soil & Groundwater

ICE & Flare Reduction System

Carburetor Process Animation

Case Studies

Innovative Treatment of MTBE in Groundwater, Soil, and Air
Mobile Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vapour Treatment Unit.
Hazard Operations ICE Engine Remediation System
2013 – Quarterly Monitoring and Site Investigation Report
2012 – SVE Cumulative Mass Recovery Over Time Report
2008 – RSI’s ICE as Air Pollution Flare Elimination Control Device
2007 – RSI’s Technology in Kirtland AFB Fuel Storage Leak
2005 – AI/SVE Pilot Study as Effective Closure Strategy
2002 – Remedial Treatability Study Using ICE & SVE Technology
2000 – A Cost Effective Approach for Largescale Remediation of TPH Impacted Soil
1998 – US Navy Principles and Practices of Bioslurping US Navy Vol 1

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