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Remediation Service Int’l (RSI), a division of Innovative Environmental Solutions, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of self-contained, portable systems for soil, air, ground, and other environmental remediation treatments. Designed for an array of environmental remediation services, RSI manufactures systems for air pollution prevention treating vapors from tank degassing, and other industrial vapor emission sources.

RSI’s systems have been delivered across the U.S. and around the world. As an established, reliable industrial environmental manufacturer, we offer complete technical and service support. Our services include pilot testing, custom system design, and specially engineered equipment to meet our clients’ needs.

Environmental Remediation Services:

Remediation Service Int’l manufactures a diverse selection of innovative industrial remediation equipment designed for an array of environmental remediaton services. Take a look at some of the services we offer and industries we serve:

Services Overview

  • Non-Entry Tank Cleaning
  • Industrial Degassing
  • Vacuum Truck Scrubbing (Vapor Control)
  • Tank Bottom Sludge Removal
  • Carbon Recycling & Cogeneration
  • Pipe & Pipeline Services
  • Flare Reduction Systems
  • Industrial Waste Vapor Processing
  • EPC Environmental Process Control
  • Specially Engineered Systems
  • And More!

Services Description

  • Tank degassing before and during the tank cleaning operation
  • Degassing of vacuum trucks, pipeline, centrifuges & marine barges
  • Vapor abatement services during plant turn-around
  • Vapor Control during product change-outs and strip and fills
  • Co-generation: generate electricity from lost product
  • Vacuum Truck: Industrial vacuum truck complete with VOC control
  • Turnkey Storage Tank Cleaning /Degassing
  • Soil and groundwater remediation services

RSI compliance & SAFETY Through Technology

According to SCAQMD, over 45% of the tanks being degassed over the past 10 years have been done with RSI engines. The best oxidizers are only as good at the trained operators, and RSI has the best-trained people in the business! Remediation Service, Int’l observes a Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC) policy and procedures process, implemented to establish a baseline procedure and practice to demonstrate our approach towards QA/QC standards. That fact, coupled with our ICE technology “user-friendly” advantage and detailed attention to safety, should make RSI the right choice for many of the air pollution control challenges our clients are dealing with.

With over 30 years of company experience, RSI has dedicated itself to providing services safely to Industrial and petrochemical industries. RSI specializes in providing robust, self-contained, environmental solutions aimed at managing VOC control, soil and groundwater pollutants. With an emphasis on safety and compliance, we render our services using the safest, most efficient methods we can. We meet strict governmental requirements with our patented and portable systems for VOC vapor destruction, environmental remediation, and cogeneration. RSI is compliant with stringent air quality requirements and regulations, and are permitted by TCEQ, SCAQMD, NJDEP, SJVAPCD amongst others.

RSI delivers industrial remediation services recognized for performance, a long withstanding safety record, and fervent knowledge of environmental regulations. With the efficiency of Flame-less “ICE” Technology, your dollars and safety are always in line.


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