Reduction of VOC Emissions from Tank Degassing & Loading Operations

Pollution Prevention

RSI’s ProGreen® Industrial Degassing technology uses 100% of process vapor as a primary fuel source, while exceeding state mandates for VOC destruction/control. In doing so our industrial degassing processes manage high concentrations of VOC vapors, destroying them as part of the degassing process without carbona media or disposal issues.
In many regions, air quality regulations have been enacted to control emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from facilities that load organic liquids with a vapor pressure of 1.5 psia (77.5 mm/Hg), or greater. Conditions include actual loading into tank trucks, trailers, railroad tank cars, above and below ground storage tanks, marine barges, and ship fuel tanks. This includes storage tank degassing regulations designed to reduce VOC emissions from above ground and underground storage tanks.
Model V4 Dual Engine Tank Degasser

This includes storage tank degassing regulations designed to reduce VOC emissions from above-ground and underground storage tanks. Storage tank cleaning and repair operations are distinct steps in a “degassing” process and a source of VOC emissions. The emissions generated during the cleaning and repair operation come from the vacuum pump that extracts the sludge and rinsing liquid from the storage tank. Industries subject to these provisions includes tank owners and operators, as well as companies involved in tank excavation, tank repair, tank cleaning, and tank degassing operations.

Regulatory Requirements:

Maximum VOC emission allowances are typically quite stringent. For example, in California VOC loading and storage facilities must bemequipped with an approved vapor recovery and/or disposal system.

Prior to January 31, 1998, the system had to have reduced VOC emissions to 0.29 pounds or less per thousand gallons (35g per 1,000L) of organic liquid transferred. After February 1, 1998, stricter regulations enforced that VOC emissions be reduced to 0.08 pounds or less per thousand gallons (10g per 1,000L) of organic liquid transferred.

To control these emissions, two options are considered by regulatory boards:

(1) A vapor recovery system capable of collecting and returning discharged hydrocarbon vapors and gasses during loading of organic liquids into transport vessels back to a stationary storage container, or into an enclosed process system.

(2) A vapor disposal system designed and operated to destroy VOC emissions prior to discharge into the atmosphere.

The RSI S.A.V.E™ Solution

RSI’s specially designed pre-engineered remediation systems for tank degassing operations are already in full compliance with the regulatory boards requirements as a vapor-disposal system. An engineered system can be specially designed to meet your particular VOC flow rates, concentrations, and discharge emissions.

ICE Technology Features:

  • Flare Reduction
  • Industrial Degassing
  • Centrifuge Vapor Abatement
  • Vacuum Truck Vapor Control
  • Approved For Hot Work Zones
  • Technology PROVEN Worldwide
RSI'S Specially Engineered Engine With Fuel Controller
Total air throughput remains constant at set RPM and manifold vacuum. Engine manifold vacuum is a function of RPM, load, timing, and air-fuel ratio.
Typically, systems are operated at high RPM, minimal load, advanced timing, and at or near stoichiometric air-fuel ratio, which results in high engine manifold vacuum.


ProGreen VOC Destruction

ProGreen® Industrial Degassing describes our degassing technology and process that uses 100% of process vapor as a primary fuel source while exceeding state mandates for VOC destruction/control. The chiller/condenser units further decrease greenhouse gasses by minimizing vapors prior to combustion.

RSI’s degassing process utilizes unique technologies and specific procedures to manage high concentrations of VOC vapors. The system does not treat VOC vapors; it destroys them as part of the process without carbon media and disposal issues.

Emissions Services Include:

VOC Destruction Services

  • Above and Below Storage Tank Degassing
  • Vacuum Truck Exhaust Degassing
  • Marine Barge Degassing
  • Blowdown, Purging
  • Centrifuge Vapor Abatement
  • Railroad Tank Car Degassing
  • Truck and Trailer loading
  • Pipeline Degassing
  • Incineration Services

Additional VOC Services

  • All Systems PSM/HAZOP’d
  • Tank Degassing Before/During Tank Cleaning
  • During product change-outs and strip and fills
  • Tank degassing during the tank refill operation
  • Environmental Agency Authorizations
  • Engineering and Consulting Services
  • Vapor Control of Floating Roof Landing
  • Vapor Processing During Plant MSS & Turnaround
  • Tank Pre-Wash During Degassing Events

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